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Frequent Questions


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Question:  My funeral arrangements were made long ago at another funeral home, can I change them?

Answer:  Your arrangements are YOUR arrangements and you may alter those arrangements in any way you wish.  The funeral home is holding your wishes so that when the time does come they will know what you want done.  You may change them or the funeral home.  If you pre-paid for your arrangements, those funds were put into an interest bearing account in your name and you are responsible for any taxes if any on your earnings,  there is no penalty for changing funeral homes.    You should contact your funeral director to update your arrangements at least once every year.

Question:  What happens to the monthly social security check my spouse gets after death?

Answer:  Your social security check that comes each month is for the previous month.  Example a check that you receive in June is for May.  They are always a month behind.  Should you loved one die in June the check received in July would have to go back to social security.  To be entitled to that check you would have to survive the entire month of June, they are not prorated.  Hope this helps.  Please check our social security information tab for more information.

Question:  If I chose green burial can I have a service?

Answer:  Most people who want green burial have a service of some kind.  You are entitled to have whatever you want, wheather it is a direct burial without services or graveside ceremony, you could also have a church service and burial after, or you might consider a home visitation and service.  You are not limited to the type of service you want with green burial, at least not with us.  You still need to consider the condition of the remains when death occurs to properly plan your services though.

 Question:  I want to be cremated, do I have to be embalmed?

Answer:  Plain and simply, NO.  Embalming is NOT required in New York State for cremation, or for that matter burial.  Embalming is only required by certain firms when you have visitation open to  the public.  At our facility we do not require embalming for visitation or funeral services.  Depending on the condition of the remains and the time frame before services are held would influence most decisions on embalming.  A closed casket service is usually held.    Having a visitation prior to cremation is a way of allowing family and friends to share and grieve with your surviving loved ones.  Cremation is the final disposition of your remains, just as burial would be.  Cremation in no way limits how you can be remembered before it takes place.  

 Question:  Do take care of pets of your funeral clients?    Answer:  We would be honored to assist you in the cremation of your pet.  We would gladly transfer your pet for you to Rush Interpet Cemetery for cremation.  Your only expense would be the crematory charge as charged by Rush Interpet Cemetery and their charge is based on weight.  We do not charge any fees for this service.  We are pet lovers too and as you probably know our pets like yours are part of the family.                                                                                     

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